Hitting a deer can be devastating. If a deer goes through the windshield, it can kill you with its dangerous hooves. The deer may die or be injured. Your car can be severely damaged. Deers are large animals and sometimes appear out of nowhere. 

More than 400 car occupants are injured in accidents with deers. There are more than 42,000 deer killed in collisions on the roads every year. 

There’s an increased chance of deer running into the road between May and June. When the young deer disperse from breeding areas. Between October and November, it is the rutting season. These are the months that you have to be more aware of. Especially between sunrise and sunset to midnight.

How to avoid hitting a deer

  • Be aware of the ‘deer’ or ‘wild animal’ road signs.
  • Use your high-beam headlights (without dazzling other drivers). Dip your lights if you see a deer. When a car’s headlight beam falls into deers eyes. The deer becomes blinded by the bright light and may freeze in your path. 
  • Keep calm if you see a deer. Don’t swerve excessively. Bear in mind that if you do swerve and miss a deer (or any other animal). But hit something else, it will be very hard to prove that the deer ever existed.
  • If you do hit a deer. Try to stop somewhere safe.
  • If you are blocking the road, then warn other drivers by putting your hazard lights on
  • Report the accident to the police. They will contact someone who can help the injured deer.


Hitting A Deer With Your Car

Deer present a greater risk than other roadkill incidents. Because of their large size. If you hit a deer with your car the damage can be severe. 

  • A deer is a wild animal, so it is unlikely that you will be able to claim compensation if you are involved in an accident. There is no owner to seek compensation from as deers are not owned by anyone.
  • If you are injured. Call for help. 
  • If your car is damaged or the driver or passengers are injured as a result of a collision with an animal.  You should be able to claim on your car insurance.
  • It can also help your case if you can take any photos of the scene and any witness statements.

Something to bear in mind is If you hit a wild animal and make a claim, you would lose your no claims bonus.

Deer Struck By Car

Sadly, seeing an injured wild animal by the roadside is quite common. Especially in the countryside. If you find an injured wild animal on the road, observe it – as long as it’s safe – to try to assess how badly hurt it is. 

Call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999

RSPCA advice:

  • Watch out for deer warning signs
  • Keep to the speed limit
  • Take extra care early in the morning and during the early evening
  • Report any collisions to the police

If you hit a deer with a car and you need roadside assistance. Raf Autos is always ready to recover you and your vehicle – call 01184492443