Every holiday season RAF Autos gets really busy being called to breakdowns. Follow our expert advice and do cheap car checks that are quick and easy to do. Make these simple checks before setting off on your journeys.

Check The Oil Level

    • Check your oil level on a regular basis
    • If your engine that doesn’t have enough oil in it will get damaged
    • Watch this video to learn how to check your oil level

Check Your Tyres

  • Check the air pressure of your tyres at any petrol station
  • If your car has a spare wheel,check that too
  • Inspect your tyres, check for any punctures

Check Your Coolant Level

  • Check your coolant level regularly
  • If you run out of coolant your engine could overheat
  • Watch this video on how to check your coolant level


Windscreen Wipers and Washer

  • Check your windscreen wipes by running your finger along the blade to see if there are any nicks or tears in the rubber
  • Change the blades if necessary
  • Having a clean screen is vital for road safety
  • On many cars it’s not possible to check the windscreen washer fluid. Keep it filled up regularly

It’s also good practice to keep your car clean. Check out our blog post top tips how to clean your car

If you need roadside assistance. Raf Autos is always ready to recover you and your vehicle – call 01184492443