Having been called out to several hundred breakdown recovery vehicle rescue calls in and around the Reading and Berkshire area. Our experience helping drivers and passengers of vehicles of every size to get back on the road or recover them back to their homes. We have compiled a list of 20 essential items to always keep in your car in case of an emergency.

  1. Breakdown service details also insurance company contact details. Also best to have this in the car as you do not want to be stranded for hours.
  2. Mobile phone and charger – essential for communication if you breakdown.
  3. Hazard triangle – you could break down anywhere your safety and other drivers safety is paramount.
  4. High visibility vest – it is important for other drivers to see you.
  5. First aid kit – contains the basics in case of the emergency.
  6. Water – for drinking or topping up the radiator or windscreen washer bottle.
  7. Non perishable food – such as energy bars handy if you have to wait for the breakdown recovery vehicle.
  8. Loose change – may need it to use a payphone or for parking fees.
  9. Spare tyre/jack – always carry a spare you never know when you may need it.
  10. Jump leads – are always handy if your car battery needs charging.
  11. Umbrella – you never know if it’s going to rain! You may have to wait outside your car.
  12. Warm clothing – good to have a coat in the car especially in winter.
  13. Blanket – in case it is cold.
  14. Boots – in the winter.
  15. Torch – is always handy you can not rely on your mobile phone.
  16. Spade – incase it snows and your vehicle gets stuck.
  17. Ice scraper and de-icer – it is a legal requirement to keep your front and rear windscreen clear of snow and ice.
  18. Empty fuel can – just in case you run out of fuel.
  19. Road map – you can not rely on the sat nav.
  20. Fire extinguisher – in case of emergency to prevent a fire under the bonnet.