Crash for cash has been in the news a lot recently.

What is crash for cash?
Staged accidents that force drivers to crash into the back of vehicles. Who have braked harshly for no clear reason. (Unbelievable, I know!)

Why are criminals committing these crimes?
They make money on insurance. They can also claim for personal injury.

Tell me more…

  • When Approaching a roundabout, junction or intersection. The criminal will suddenly brake leading to a rear end collision.
  • Using a no-stop’ vehicle driven erratically by one gang member. Causing a car driven by another member to break violently. Immediately in front of a vehicle leading to a rear-end collision.

How Can Crash For Cash Affect Me?

  • After the staged accident. The criminals claim compensation.
  • There are usually fake witnesses involved. Also, other people involved in the scam. For injuries, vehicle damage, replacement vehicle hire, loss of earnings and other costs.
  • Criminals can claim a whopping £20,000 to £40,000!
  • The consequences of staged accidents include the risk of serious injury or even death.
  • There is also the trauma of dealing with the consequences of an accident. That was not the fault of the driver.
  • This claim may lead to a rise in insurance premiums and a negative effect on no claims bonuses.

What Can You Do To Prevent This Scam Happening To You?

  • Concentrate when driving – do not use your mobile phone. Or be distracted when driving. This could really work against you when trying to prove liability.
  • Never tailgate – always allow plenty of space between you and the car ahead.
  • Look beyond the car in front – If you see erratic driving up ahead, slow down. Be ready to brake hard. Remember the intended victim might be you!
  • Fit forward-facing video cameras – put stickers on the back of your vehicle to make other drivers aware.

What Should You Do If You Suspect You Are Involved in A Crash For Cash Scam?

  • As well as exchanging names, addresses, insurance details and so on.
  • Stay calm – think clearly and, as with any accident. Don’t admit liability.
  • If a ‘no-stop’ vehicle is involved, try to get its registration number. Or at least a brief description.
  • Call the police – be careful in the manner you do this as you may be dealing with criminals.
  • If there’s the slightest indication of injury – call an ambulance as well. Keep an eye on how the possible criminals behave when you call the emergency services.
  • Use your mobile phone – photograph the scene. Road markings and any damage to the car involved.
  • Count and make a note the number of occupants in the other car – the number can grow in the days following the accident. (shocking I know!)
  • Get the names, addresses, and dates of birth of all the occupants and make a note of where they were sitting in the car.
  • Be very careful about photographing the car’s occupants – though if the victims accidentally get into your shots. (That might prove useful)!
  • Look for independent witnesses – avoid anyone who’s too enthusiastic! They could be part of the scam. Make a note of their names and addresses.
  • Look for CCTV cameras in the area – tell your insurer as soon as possible. So there is a good chance of recovering footage.
  • Call the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) Cheatline on 0800 422 0421

Crash For Cash Sentencing

  • These facts and figures are interesting. They show you the reality of the crash for cash scam.
  • Sentences including over 91 years’ imprisonment.
  • Operations have to date resulted in over 500 arrests.
  • 119 criminal convictions.
  • Undetected insurance fraud costs the industry up to £2 billion a year.
  • On average, adding an extra £44 a year to the insurance bill for every UK policyholder. In the last five years. Road traffic accidents have decreased by 23%. But claims have increased by 70%. (According to the Department for Transport).
  • Britain is now the whiplash capital of Europe. 1,500 claims are made every day.

Crash For Cash Hotspots

The crash for cash hotspots are…

  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Bradford
  • Oldham

Five Ways Island Birmingham: Crash for Cash location

Looking at the top 30 list Midlands and the north are more likely to be involved in a crash for cash scam than their southern counterparts.

Liverpool, Blackburn, Bolton, and Wakefield all feature in the top 30. As well as London and Enfield in the south.

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