No one wants to ever see airbags in cars. However, it is good to know about car airbags. As you probably already know in the event you hit your car. Airbags in cars are designed to inflate literally milliseconds after the impact. Along with the seatbelt they are designed to prevent you from hitting the hard surface in your car which could be fatal.

Airbags particularly prevent head and neck injuries. The head and neck are cushioned on impact. Car airbags prevent your head from hitting the dashboard.

The number of airbags in cars depends on the make and model of the car. If a car is less than 20 years old, it is likely to have airbags fitted. The more expensive the car, the more airbags it will have.

Airbag warning lights

Airbags cant be tested. However, they do have a warning light. Airbags should last the life of your vehicle. If the warning light does come on you should get the airbag warning light checked by a mechanic. It is worth noting that when you have an MOT it is not required to have the airbag examined. However, if the airbag warning light stays on then the vehicle will fail it’s MOT.

Airbags replacement

It is expensive to replace an airbag. It is important that you know the total cost of replacing an airbag as the costs can add up. Replacing an airbag costs more than the airbag itself. They are really time-consuming to replace.

Airbags generally do not need replacing. Unless you have an accident that causes the airbag to deploy. The cost of replacing airbag/airbags depends on how many airbags your vehicle has and how many are deployed. Other parts related to the airbag/airbags may also have to be replaced. Such as driver airbag, front airbag sensors, passenger airbags. Even dashboards may have to be replaced if the airbag in fitted on the dashboard.

Airbag repair

Some people try to carry out airbag repairs themselves. We would not recommend this at all. If you fit an airbag incorrectly and you have an accident it could be fatal. It is worth getting a few quotes from reputable mechanics before agreeing to the repair.

How do airbags work

  • Airbags inflate as soon as the vehicle slows down as the result of an accident
  • Deflates as soon as the passenger’s head has contact with the airbag
  • If the airbag did not deflate then the passengers head would just bounce off
  • The airbag includes an accelerometer which detects changes in speed
  • If it detects a deceleration greater than normal breaking speeds
  • It triggers an airbag cut
  • The circuit passes an electrical current through a heating element
  • This causes a chemical explosion
  • This generates a harmless gas which rushes into the nylon bag
  • The bag inflates when the persons head makes contact with the bag
  • It deflates as the gas escapes through holes around the edge of the bag
  • The bag would fully deflate by the time the vehicle stops

We hope that you never have to use your airbag.