Getting into our cars and driving to our destinations, is something that thousands of us do every day. We are often on autopilot of course we don’t expect to be involved in an accident. We have put together the top 5 causes of car accidents.

What is the Leading Cause of Fatal Car Accidents

1. Distracted Driving

In this day and age it seems so easy to be constantly distracted, unfortunately with the use of the mobile phone, we are all distracted more than ever. Distracted drivers are the leading cause of car accidents in the UK today. Using our mobile phones whether to call or text someone means that we take our eyes off the road. Using a mobile phone in this manner when driving is illegal.

Not everyone needs a mobile phone to be distracted! Some drivers are busy putting on their make up whilst driving! Whilst others are occupied eating or maybe even reaching for something. It is important that we are not distracted when driving and always have our eyes on the road.

2. Speeding

It is no surprise that speeding is a cause of car accidents. Unfortunately, traffic accidents caused by speeding are frequent. And as you can imagine the injuries sustained by accidents caused by speeding are fatal.
The minimum penalty for speeding is £100 and 3 penalty points.

3. Alcohol and Drug-Induced Drivers

Even though there have been numerous awareness campaigns to educate people about the dangers of drinking and driving. There have still been more than a million drivers who have been arrested for drink and driving. When people drink their responses become slower. As the brain takes longer to receive messages from the eye. Processing information becomes more difficult. Which as you can imagine results in disastrous consequences.

Who Causes The Most Car Accidents

Facts below based on gender, we will let decide on who is cause most car accidents and other interesting road facts.

Key facts

  • Men account for 73% of all worldwide road traffic deaths, three times the rate of women;
  • In Britain men account for 74% road traffic deaths, 70% of serious injuries and 59% slight injuries on the roads;
  • Men drive twice as many miles per year, on average, than women;
  • In the UK, 80% of men and 67% of women have a valid driving licence;
  • In Britain men make up 82% of cycling deaths and serious injuries, young male cyclists are the most over-represented age group, accounting for 30% of all cycling casualties;
  • Female pedestrians account for over half of journeys by foot in the UK (52%), but men make up the majority of pedestrian casualties in the UK (57%);
  • In Britain 95% of convictions for deaths caused by dangerous driving are against men;
  • In the UK, the number of male drivers reported having driven under the influence of drugs, was four times higher than the number of female drivers who admitted to the same offence.[1]Facts taken from
Who Causes The Most Car Accidents

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons


4. Dangerous Driving

We’ve all seen drivers driving dangerously. Dangerous driving is a serious offense. Drivers can be disqualified and potentially have a 14-year prison sentence. Examples of dangerous driving are illegally overtaking, racing other drivers and aggressive driving. Dangerous driving is not surprisingly more serious than distracted driving.

5. Tiredness

Tiredness causes almost 20% of road traffic accidents. Drivers can become so tired that they end up falling asleep at the wheel. This can result in more serious accidents than the ones caused by dangerous driving, distracted driving, speeding and alcohol and drug-induced drivers.

These are just the top 5 causes of car accidents. There are many more reasons that people have accidents. As always Raf Autos and Recovery is ready if you are involved in an accident and need 24 Hour Breakdown Recovery assistance.

Top 5 Causes of Car Accidents